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Dino-Pirates: An Original Idea...

In a world where dino-pirates and ninja island sounded like a good idea, one man created a role playing game.  This is not that man's web page.  For that, go here

Instead, some other person thought dino-pirates sounded neat, and they wrote a children's book. and got it published.  Good for them.

To further the case of great minds think alike, I discovered a very clever graphic novel-book series about a Captain Raptor, a dinosaur hero in space. Written by Kevin O’Malley and illustrated by Patrick O’Brien.  It’s amazing and completely different and can be found at:

Meanwhile, I frequented the same gaming discussion forums as the first guy heard the phrase.  Then I went to bed.  And slept on it for a long time.  Until one day, I woke up and decided to write a story. I also discovered after I wrote it, all those other great people made something about dino-pirates.

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