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NI:22 Everthing's Not Back to Normal

#42 walked along the beach. It had been a long day, but the ninjas were home and repairs were being made to the villages of Ninja Island. Trust might one day be restored. They found Sora sitting on a log, her back turned to him, leaving her open to surprise attack. They coughed, if one could call it that, to make some kind of noise so as not to startled her.

Sora wiped at her eyes, and then rose and turned face #42. She bowed, and #42 returned the gesture. #42 had never been bowed to before. The robot ninja asked, “Is something wrong?”

“No, I mean yes. But no.”

“That is a confusing answer.”

“I suppose it is. May I request something?”

No one ever requested things from a ninja, they only commanded. #42 answered the unexpected question, “If it is within my power to grant it.”

“I understand the other ninja voted to make you their leader.”

#42 felt a surge of relief on his circuits, the others had opted to trade one master for a new one. The robot suspected it was because they could not fight as well anymore, due to the water damage and tear in their chest plate. Sora could resume commanding the ninjas and return everything back to normal. #42 answered, “It is a new idea, I shall do my duty until a more suitable leader is ready.”

“May I join the ranks of the ninja? I have much to learn yet.”

“That is quite a surprise, but I am honored to have you among us. I know your secret identity is gone, what of Amiko?”

“She broke up with me. My life as a ninja has brought too much danger to her, and I cannot serve two masters.”

“That is a metaphor I do not understand, but I am sorry. Will you join #64 on a patrol tonight.”

Sora pulled up her mask and stepped into a shadow, disappearing, “Hai!”


Metri dragged the heavy object all around the deck, looking for Juan. The little dimetrodon should have known better. Juan was only to be found next to Angus who steered the ship, so he could keep an eye out for trouble, or sleeping next to the captain’s door. Nobody said a word about it and everybody acted on his orders. It confused the young lizard. He found Juan standing watch next to Angus and the ship’s helm. He tapped on Juan’s leg until the taller guanlong looked down. “Ah, Metri, what have you got there?”

“It’s the Captain’s hat. Is that you now?”

Juan felt ocean spray catch in his eye. He turned and blinked it away. “No, but I’ve learned a lot about being one. How about you hold onto that, until it’s needed.”

Metri nodded and walked away to find a place to stow the hat. He glanced at the door to the captain’s cabin as he passed. He paused and put an ear to the door. Did he hear something?

He shook his head and ran to stow the hat someplace safe. There were things to do and new adventures to be had.

The End


Shadows cloaked the cabin and its contents, shifting as the closed curtains moved with the rocking of the ship. A dark shape stood with its head pressed against the door. A high wave tilted the ship and a sliver of light broke through the curtain, slicing across scarred scales and a ruined eye. The light receded and the shadowy figure retreated.


The Dino-Pirates of the Wreckless Abandon will return...

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