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NI16: Mole in the Guacamole

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Rhoda made her way to the infirmary alone. She nodded at #34, who stood guard at the door of the little infirmary room, it’s red malevolent eyes ignoring her. Tyrant’s Revenge had a higher accident count than her own ship. Until Amiko volunteered, the ship didn’t even have a nurse. Now that it did, Rhoda waited for the right moment when Amiko wasn’t busy.

“Hi! I have a sliver,” she held up her paw. Since #34 was in the hall, he couldn’t see the note she stuck to her palm and raised up so Amiko could see it.

“I see. This ship is very dangerous.” Amiko took the note and pocketed it. She also saw that there really was a splinter in Rhoda’s paw. Rhoda dedicated herself to spycraft. Amiko grabbed her tweezers, cotton ball and anti-septic and went to work. Soon she had the splinter out and was about to clean the wound.

“Aren’t you going to kiss it?”

“Excuse me?”

“Doc Stella kisses our boo-boos and puts a band-aid on them.”

Amiko blinked. “That is perhaps the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, and I’ve seen a lot of stupid things while working as a nurse.” She covered her mouth, eyes looking about. “I mean, that wouldn’t be very sanitary. Where is this Doc Stella.”

Rhoda blanched, she was very careful not to talk of her old ship, and she almost blew it. “Oh, uh, he was on some other ship I’d been on. No big deal. Could I have a band-aid at least?”

“I’m sorry, this ship does not have those. Just keep your paw clean and try not to use it as much so it heals naturally.”

“Thank you!” Rhoda turned and left. She had work to do to keep up her end of the plan.


Amiko was all alone, except for the guard outside. The ninjas were colder, meaner now that Captain King was in control. She made a show of cleaning up and used the hustle and bustle to take a quick look at the note.

It said, “When the ship starts sinking, come with me.” Amiko didn’t know how or when the ship could start sinking, but maybe the brontosaur could be trusted..


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