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NI19: Picking Up Friends

Updated: May 19, 2020

#27 adjusted their pirate captain hat while they looked in the mirror. It didn’t quite sit well on a metal head, almost covering the optical sensors. They tilted it to jaunty angle, and at least kept one eye clear. Captain King gave #27 command of the Wreckless Abandon. The tyrannosaurus didn’t even trust his own crew without him nearby. #27 had led teams of ninjas before on missions, they knew what leadership meant. Looking down at the dressing table in front of them, they saw a copy of The Pirates Guide to Bein’ a Pirate Captain, by Captain Venatorius J. Raptor. It must be a relative of the preening fop who used to command this vessel, thought #27. They thumbed through it, stopping on Chapter 2, Picking the Right side.

What did some book know about choosing sides? #27 hadn’t gotten to make a real choice since their spaceship landed on this planet. The robot missed friend #42, but the sea swallowed them and Captain Raptor in the darkness.. #27 put the book down and looked back up at the mirror. Something was different. The optical sensors were glowing purple.

#27 rushed out of the captain’s quarters onto the main deck. Nary a dinosaur in sight, they were all tied up below decks. The other ninjas crewed the various posts, though they were not enough to keep up with the work to run a full ship with the small number of ninjas they snuck on board. #27 called out to their fellow ninjas, “There’s been a change. We’re no longer under control of that large brute. I don’t know who our new Ninja Master is, but I say we face it with the dino-pirates by our side for once.”

One ninja replied, “Aren’t they going to be mad at us?”

“Then we’ll say we’re sorry. It’s what #42 would do, and one of their own gave his life trying to save one of ours.”

In short order, #27 explained things to Cera while untying her and she did not stomp on them or poke one of their eyes out with one of her horns. She agreed to the truce and soon the

Wreckless Abandon was heading back to the village on Ninja Island. There was much to do, and the time flew by, despite the few hours it took to turn around and head back. Soon after, a few moments would take a lifetime.

Captain Raptor was there on the beach, sitting on a convenient piece of driftwood with Sora and the three ninjas around a campfire. #42 still had a gaping wound in his uniform and chest plate. Sora dressed in a clean ninja uniform with a sheathed katana tucked into her belt, her father’s weapon. Cera and Brenda rowed the oar boat over to pick them up.

“Hey guys, I was just telling them about the time we dressed as nuns to hide from that mafia boss,” called out the captain to his ship mates as they approached the camp fire.

Cera guffawed, “Aye! Cap’n, I didna know ye could sing!”

Brenda tilted her head on her long neck, looking confused, “I wasn’t there for that.”

The Captain stood up, “Well, story for another time then. We have a pirate to hunt down. 42, 21, 64, Sora, this is Cera and um, one of the Bronto sisters.”


“Right. Not the one who cries all the time. Good with arts and crafts.”

“Are we going to finally rescue my sister?”

“And my girlfriend?” added Sora.

“Kind of. We’re gonna chase down the Tyrant’s Revenge and attack. Which will cue Brenda..”


“Right. To rescue Sora’s girlfriend, and the ninjas should help.”

Sora frowned and said, “That’s not a very good plan. You should use the element of surprise from the ninjas.”

“I would, but Captain King is above their weight class, and we need to keep him busy during battle. I know how he thinks.”

Cera shifted from foot to foot, time was wasting, “A’ight Quit yer jabber an ‘et’s git aboard an weigh anchor.


Read the next chapter here

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