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NI8: Sora Explains

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Sora marched over to her house, followed by Rhona and Captain Raptor. The sliding panel door lay on the floor and broken, so she just walked inside. It was a mess. Amiko had put up a fight.

She turned on them, “Now, what do you know about the ones who attacked?”

Captain Raptor sniffed the air, then answered, “They’re Captain King’s crew.”

Rhona stomped over to a fallen painting, “Pretty. Who are these people?”

“That’s Sora and Amiko, Amiko was taken by this Captain King.”

Captain Raptor looked sidelong at Sora in her black ninja costume and covered face. “Huh. So you must be Sora then.”

“What? No, I’m the Ninja Master, I command the Ninjas who defend this island.”

The Captain leaned closer and sniffed Sora. Rolled his eyes as he said, “Yeah. My mistake. You totally don’t smell like one of the people who live in this house.”

Sora straightened her uniform, “Well now, that’s settled. You will help me track him down and get Amiko back.”

Captain Raptor leaned back on his haunches. “That’s one option. I was kinda hoping there’d be cookies and chocolate milk. it’s well past breakfast. And I’m on a schedule.”

“Schedule!? You people invaded my village and disrupted my life. What could you possibly have to do that’s more important than fixing it?”

“Hey, I’m a nice guy. If I see your girlfriend, I’ll toss her a life preserver. But I’ve got to kidnap back Captain King’s girlfriend first.”

Something crunched while Rhona was moving around tidying things up, “Oops, sorry.”

“Stop touching my things!”

“I thought you didn’t live here? Anyhoo, how about we go back to the beach to meet my crew. Oh, I’ll do you one favor though.”

“Please, don’t do me any favors. That was an antique vase.”

“What way was Captain King’s ship pointing? Go that way, he’ll hit the next town along the coast. He’s not imaginative.”

Captain Raptor motioned for Rhona to follow and headed back out of the house.

“What are you going to do?”

“Go the opposite direction.”

Sora stood for a moment, watching the pair leave. “That doesn’t make sense!”

Captain Raptor either didn’t hear her or ignored her.


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