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I'm starting to get traction with a few acceptances.  I'm working on getting short stories published while I finish working on my first novel.

Forest of Angels: The Woodlands Writing Guild 2019 Anthology


You'll find the expected stories about angels, and a few surprises as some of the authors tried something different. My story Angelfall appears in this collection.

An Angelfall has been sighted, and Pierce is at the age where she needs to decide what path to take among the Reclaimers in this Post-Ragnarok biker cultist coming of age story.

Rising Waters: The Woodlands Writing Guild 2017 (WWG Annual Anthology)



From the Tax Day Flood to Harvey, the WWG got soggy, so we wrote some inspired tales.

Flood Drive : The vampires run the annual blood drive, but this year, their planning meeting is interrupted...

Flooded : My hard-hitting poem about a certain 2016 candidate and the media circus.


Getting my work posted on other sites is a real honor.  Along with getting increased exposure, it also means somebody trusted me with the keys to their audience. Here is everywhere I've been published/contributed online.

Gillian Barnes Writes With Others - Guest blog series

I was invited to write on the month's topic of what brings me joy

Woodlands Writing Guild - Before Someone Sees It

A revamped version from my blog for editing tips

ScaryDad Horror Con 2019 Flash Fiction Entrant - In Space, No One can Hear You Poo

In 2016, NASA announced a contest for a space toiletry system. Whatever happened with that?

Interview with KL Forslund on

Somebody at NFReads found me and asked me to do an interview for their collection.  Proof that my author platform building is starting to help, and a good chance to talk about what I do.  I think it turned out well.

Hurricane Harvey – Healing Through Creativity, A Haiku Collaboration

Spider Road Press, Posted on September 18, 2017

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