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NI12: That other Village with the old people

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

“Alright old people! Line up for your bingo cards and drop your valuables into this sack” The Dilophosaurus named Dillan stood on a barrel, flecks of spittle sprayed out as he spoke.

“Ow!” An old lady with a walker clutched at her eye.

Shiro stood next in line, he dabbed at the old woman’s eye as she cried from the stinging venom. He was not strong enough to take on all the pirates, and he had no idea where the

Ninjas were. He noticed a pair of larger dinosaurs, one with small arms and giant head, the other with a long slender neck. They were standing off to the side, talking to Amiko. He didn’t know why she was here, but she didn’t look happy as she stared at him.

“That’s the one we want.” said Captain King, pointing one of his small arms at Shiro.

Rhoda nodded, “You were right, she would lead you right to the grandfather.”

Dillan jumped off the barrel he and landed on Shiro, knocking him to the ground. Shiro was about to whack him with his cane, when the loose folds of skin around Dillan’s neck flared out like fans and he hissed at Shiro. Shiro tried to cover his face, sensing danger when a pair of darts appeared on Dillan’s tongue.

Dillan leapt back, “”Apan! I an’t eel i ongue!” Then he flopped over, unconscious.

Captain King bellowed, “She’s here! We’re under attack!” He tightened his grip on Amiko’s arm and dragged her over to Shiro, still on the ground.

The air filled with throwing stars, poison darts and arrows, all aimed for Captain King’s men, but not at the Captain or those near him. His crew was going down fast, and he couldn’t see his foe.

He let loose a mighty roar, one that echoed through the village, then he picked up Amiko and put her head in his mouth. The air emptied of projectiles, just as quick as the attack had started.

“Well then! Let’s try this again!” he shouted, after removing Amiko from his mouth, “Come on out so we can have a chat.”

An army of ninjas appeared, all their weapons trained on Captain King.

“You see Rhoda, sometimes you just need to talk their language.”

Captain King walked over to the nearest ninja, carrying Amiko in front of him like a doll as her feet dragged on the ground. He lunged forward and chomped down on the ninja, raised up and shook his mighty head, until the bottom half went flying. He worked his jaws until the broken pieces fell out of his mouth.

“That was for attacking my shipmates. That wasn’t very hospitable after we took the time to set up bingo for these geezers.”

One of the ninjas let out a high pitched digital squeal. Captain King spun to face the new entertainment, Amiko’s legs flailing as she hung limp with fear. “Oh! Did you know that guy? Because I was talking here, and you just kind of interrupted me.” The mighty T-Rex swaggered over to the mumbling ninja. “Now what did you say, I couldn’t quite hear that?”

The ninja stammered, “That was #13, my chip-mate.”

Captain King guffawed, “Wow! That wasn’t a very lucky number was it? Right Rhoda?”

“No it wasn’t my sweet Captain King,” agreed Rhoda, hiding the horror at what she saw. She knew she had to keep her cover.


The captain took his time turning to the new voice, “Let me guess, you must be the Ninja Master that Amiko here told me so much about.”

Sora leapt off the rooftop and landed with ease in the middle of the town square. “What do you want?”

“Ooh, right to the point she is. Let’s get to it then,” he sauntered over, still carrying Amiko, who mouthed an apology to Sora as he towered over the Ninja Master. “I want to be the boss.

She tells me,” he raised up and shook Amiko for emphasis, “that you’re the boss of all these fine ninjas.”

“I am, and if you hurt...”

Captain King interrupted Sora's sentence by chomping down on another ninja next to her, and spat out the head next to her feet. “Let me clear the air here folks, I’m your new boss. Now, I know we gotta go to a secret place and do some Jungle Magic Bullcrap to make it special, but from this moment on, I am your Captain King!”

This tyrant had her girlfriend and the long necked one had her grandfather. Sora hung her head, her leadership of the Ninjas lasted a day. “Yes.”


“Yes, Captain King.”

Captain King smiled. Today was an excellent day.


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