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NI14: It's Good to be the King

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

“You sure you won’t try it? Just bring it to your mouth, and suck the stuff out.”

Rhoda held up her paw, “Oh no, I couldn’t. I have to watch my figure.”

“But all you eat is leaves and twigs. It’s not healthy.”

Of the many differences between her crew and that of Captain King’s, Rhoda noticed that all of his shipmates were carnivores. No wonder they were so bloodthirsty. The tyrannosaurus had turned his attention back to the egg he was about to suck. Sora was bringing it to his mouth, freeing the captain from the tyranny of having to use his arms. A lifelong ambition achieved for his species.

There was a knock on the door of Sora’s house, Captain King paused from eating his delicacy.


Fully recovered from being sleep darted, Dillan, the Dilophosaur, poked his head in, “Sir, are we loading the crew back on the ship? I mean, now that you’re back from the jungle and all?”

Captain King stretched his tiny arms as he said, “I was just enjoying the hospitality of our new island paradise. After all, we’ve got an army of ninjas, Captain Raptor’s ship, our own ship, and even a used-to-be Ninja Master who’s learned obedience.”

“I know sir, but don’t you want to get back to sea and feel the thrill of the hunt? Also, the ninjas reported that they’ve seized Captain Raptor’s movie collection. I’ve taken the liberty of transferring it to your quarters.”

Rhoda perked up. Movie night was a magical time aboard Wreckless Abandon, maybe she could use this. “Ooh, my Captain, that movie collection is renowned. He has the entire Fast and Furry series. And Puppy Treasure Island, the definitive version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s masterwork.”

“I don’t think I’ve seen Treasure Island. I’m more of a Monster and Commander fan.”

“You’ll love it, it’s got pirates and treasure, and an island. How about Dillan and I return to the ship to get it ready? I can set up a private showing in your quarters while you finish up here.”

Dillan looked askance at Rhoda, knowing the captain’s narrow taste in movies. But it was her neck on the line, not his. He blinked in surprise when the captain agreed. “Great idea. Take what’s her name with you, the small one who fits in my mouth. That’ll help keep this one in line.” He motioned to Sora, still holding the egg.


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