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NI10: Rhoda Listens

Dino-Pirates of The Wreckless Abandon


Ninja Island

NOTE: This story is loosely inspired by the RPG Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island and is graciously approved by designer Corey Reid. Check out his work at

ANOTHER NOTE: We discovered a very clever graphic novel-book series about a Captain Raptor, a dinosaur hero in space. Written by Kevin O’Malley and illustrated by Patrick O’Brien. It’s amazing and completely different and can be found at:

MORE NOTE: Not related to Dinosaur Pirates! Which came out right after I wrote my original draft. I’m sure it’s cool.

EVEN MORE NOTE: Copyright 2018 KL Forslund. All Rights Reserved.


Chapter 1 - Pursuit of Prey

Rhoda kept a disinterested look on her face as she sat on top of a crate, watching her mark. Best to keep his attention on his prisoner, instead of her for awhile. Captain King ignored her, which was a welcome respite, but she needed to be ready should his attention return. Right now he was examining a hostage he had taken from the village they had raided that morning.

“So what are you, some kind of Australopithecus?”

Amiko shook her head.

“Homo Erectus?”

Another head shake.

“Can you even talk?”

“MMM!! MMMM!!” accompanied by some vigorous shaking.

Rhoda took a risk, “I think she wants you to remove the gag from her mouth, sweetie.”

“She better not scream again or I’ll knock her out.”

Amiko nodded her head. Captain King yanked her gag down. He had to get close, given the shortness of his arms. Amiko cringed and wrinkled her nose.

“Now, what are you?”

“I’m a human you ignorant brute! My girlfriend is going to get you!”

Captain King loosed a deep belly laugh, which shook the ship and released some methane from his vicinity. “I don’t think I have ever heard that before.” Rhoda wondered which part he was referring to, while plugging her nose from the stench.

“She’s the master of the ninjas! She’ll send her army after you!”

“Really? Tell me more. This sounds absolutely frightening.”

Rhoda listened in as Amiko over-shared the secret double-life of her girlfriend and leader of an army of robotic ninjas guarding the island and how the control system worked. With more time, she’d find something to use to sink this ship and get back to Wreckless Abandon.


Stay tuned for next month’s exciting chapter at

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