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NI7: Captain King

Dino-Pirates of The Wreckless Abandon


Ninja Island

NOTE: This story is loosely inspired by the RPG Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island and is graciously approved by designer Corey Reid. Check out his work at http://www.scratchfactory.com/Games.php

ANOTHER NOTE: We discovered a very clever graphic novel-book series about a Captain Raptor, a dinosaur hero in space. Written by Kevin O’Malley and illustrated by Patrick O’Brien. It’s amazing and completely different and can be found at:


MORE NOTE: Not related to Dinosaur Pirates! Which came out right after I wrote my original draft. I’m sure it’s cool. https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/552436/dinosaur-pirates-by-penny-dale/9780763693305/

EVEN MORE NOTE: Copyright 2018 KL Forslund. All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 7 - Captain King

“Oh baby, yeah! Right there. Now bounce up and down.”

Rhoda took a tentative bounce. Maybe this would break his back, or sever his spinal cord.

“Oooh. More! Faster.” His deep voice rumbled, filling her belly with dread.

She began a full jumping. The ship undulated in the waves. Captain King lay splayed out on his stomach, while Rhoda switched from walking on his back to full on leaping up and down, and landing hard with her large feet.

There was a knock on the cabin door. A timid voice called, Uh Captain?“

King used his short arms to raise himself up to turn and look toward the door, “What!?”

“What are your orders for the ship?”

“Oh, that. Sail us around the island, let’s see if there’s more villages to plunder. Now leave me to my back massage!”

“Aye, Captain!”

“Now Rhoda,would you be a dear and fetch me one of those eggs, I can’t quite reach from here.”

Rhoda climbed down off the large brute’s back and walked over to the basket of eggs. Captain King had a taste for eggs. She brought one over to him and he nicked a tiny hole with one of his massive teeth and then sucked it empty with his dainty little paw holding it just so.

This was the worst secret mission she had ever volunteered for. It was all Captain Raptor’s idea. They had been in Port Fun, carousing and drinking chocolate milk at what passed for a tavern, when Captain King waddled in like he owned the place. She saw the glint of darkness cross Captain Raptor’s eye when he muttered, “I wish somebody would sneak on board and sink his ship while he slept on it.” While everyone else went back to partying, he sat still at his corner table, drinking his chocolate milk and glaring at Captain King. That was the clear signal the Captain wanted to begin his covert plan.

At least, it seemed like a good plan because getting on board turned out to be easy.. Getting some time away from Captain King, to figure out a way to sink his ship didn’t turn out to be as simple. There was also the slight problem of how to get off the ship afterwards.

The Captain bellowed, “Sweetie, how about more back rubs!”

Rhoda shuddered and climbed back on top and began her walk on his back again. This would be a long secret mission.

Stay tuned for next month’s exciting chapter at https://www.klforslund.com/dino-pirates

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