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Every Tomorrow Worse?

I did it! I sold a story. As this website and blog are evidence, it took awhile. Let's get to the cover and links before I tell the back story.

Here's all the places you can find this:

PubShare (the source)


Amazon Paperback

Apple bookstore



About the Book

Blaze Ward is an author and publisher of many fine collections of stories. Last spring, he put out a call for visions of the future that ended badly. He was not disappointed. Authors from around the globe submitted. I took a chance and asked if my previously published story, Angelfall, could be considered. He asked to see it, and the following was his response.

"okay, that rocked."

As a writer, you create and you hope somebody will like it. For an editor to choose it for payment amidst thousands of candidates means you're on the right track. Finally.

About the Story

So way back in 2018, the Woodlands Writing Guild started their next year's anthology. I voted for SciFi. Angels won. I was miffed as I envisioned a bunch of sappy stories, likely slanted for a religion that I'm not. So, dug deep into my ancestry and came up with a tale in three parts that pivots on the story's truth.

As I sell it in posts, it's my post-Ragnarok biker cultist coming of age story. I imagine some folks who know I tend to be funny, assume it will also be funny. Naw, I dug deep into the Ginnungagap for this one.

In a world rocked by Ragnarok, Pierce has come of age where she must make a choice to become a woman, or a valkyrie. To earn her wings patch and ride. You know what path she'll take. The Reclaimers have spotted an Angelfall, and they need to get their first. But that's just their version of what this is all about.

Go Get It

This story isn't new. Maybe you've already supported the WWG back in 2019. But there's a ton of great stories in this book. I know, because I read my proofing copy. Even fixed a few bugs. It is worth the $4.99 and if you see me, I will sign your book or Reader.

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