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Black History Month

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Back in high school, one of my English teachers had posters of many of the famous writers. Hemingway, Dickens, and more ringing the upper walls of the room. To my recollection, most of them were men and white. They all shared a common style, so I’m sure that’s how the set was sold. It was the late eighties and the world was not perfect.

What we know now is there’s a lot of people who got left out of history, not just writers. In February, friends of mine have posted up links and names for Black History Month. I haven’t read them all, but here they are, plus a few more I knew about. I’ve got some reading to do.

Barbara Hillary

Bob Marley

Colin Kapernick

Fredi Washington

Gerald Lawson

Dr. Hadiyah- Nicole Green

Harry T. Moore

Reverend Dr. Henry Highland Garnet

James Zwerg

Sgt. 1st Class Janina Simmons

Julian F. Abele

Kalief Browder

Langston Hughes

Lonnie Johnson

Malcom X

Marie Van Brittan Brown

Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner

Dr. Maya Angelou

Nina Simone

Octavia Butler

Polly Jackson

Robert Smalls

Sandra Bland

Sidney Poitier

Rev. William Washington Browne

Sarranounia Mangou

Toni Morrison

This list isn’t definitive or ranked (I sorted by first name). Some lives were cut tragically short. Each should be known as well as Hemingway and Thomas Jefferson. It’s hard to fit everybody’s poster on a classroom wall, but until everybody is at least represented, we’ll need months dedicated to raising our awareness of those left out.

Happy Black History Month.

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