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An Eye for Cake

Lucky sat patiently while kids droned through the Happy Birthday song. They were at the Norns verse. He didn’t know why they came. His mom invited his class. Five showed up. They weren’t even his friends. Just kids who wanted to see how the Yotz lived. Baldwin, Tyrell, and Thurgood mumbled through the words about Ratatosk bringing nuts. Only the Twins put any effort in, but that’s just because they fancied themselves destined for show business some day.

His mom brought the cake in. She’d made it herself. A fat green dragon rested on a tiered pile of gold. Her cake business paid the bills, but little else. He’d gotten used to no presents, and his guests hadn’t disappointed by bringing any. They just wanted the cake. She set the cake with a lit candle next to the carving knife in front of Lucky.

“Close your eyes and make a wish.”

Lucky looked around the room at his guests. Dark skinned Thurgood and Tyrell stood to his left. The pale Twins stood eagerly to his right. Freja licked her lips in hunger for the delicious looking cake. Baldwin must have been behind him to get a closer look at the front of the cake. He closed his eyes and took a breath. I wish–

The shove against the back of his head broke his thought and he opened his eyes in time to see green before stabbing pain shocked the breath out of him. Something felt wrong as he lifted his head to the sound of children laughing. His hands found his face and he wiped the frosting from his right eye, but something stuck in his left as another jolt of pain hit him.

“Ahhh! My eye.”

“Lucky! My baby!”

The pain throbbed and his hands gripped for anything to hold him steady. He rose and looked about. Shocked looks of horror met his eye from both sides of the table. He turned to find Baldwin still laughing. Lucky’s right hand lunged forward, thrusting in and out repeatedly with the cake knife into the fool's belly. Baldwin stopped laughing. His hand reached for the stick protruding from Lucky’s eye and ripped it out.

Pain streamed through Lucky as his remaining eye saw what dangled on the end of the stick. Lucky grabbed that wrist before Baldwin could counter, then he plunged the knife into Baldwin’s heart, twisting and pressing him back against the wall until he stopped struggling.

The Twins screamed. Thurgood and Tyrell looked at each other as if trying to read the other’s mind on what to do next. Lucky’s mom grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him away. He let go of the knife and Baldwin slid to the floor. Dead.

Frain asked, “Should we call the police?”

Thurgood shook his head. “Oh no. That’ll just make things worse. I’ll call an ambulance. This was just a terrible accident. Yeah.”

The Twins glanced at each other to confirm that was nonsense. Frain replied, “No way. This Yotz just killed Baldwin.”

Tyrell tilted his head, before replying, “Nah man. That was straight up assault against Lucky. All Father’s Court ruled on that last year. He’s got the right to avenge.”

Frain sneered, “What are you, a Yotz lawyer now?”

Tyrell squared his shoulders, “I see how it is. Before they came from the North, we used to be the whipping boys.”

Freyja grabbed Frain’s arm. “Come on. Let’s just go.” The pair made their way to the door of th small apartment. She called back as they left, “Um, Happy Birthday Lucky. Goodbye Mrs. Lafayette.” Then the Twins had left the party.

Thurgood and Tyrell stayed until the ambulance arrived. And waited for the cops to arrive when the ambulance came. They gave their statement, which reflected what really happened. The mistletoe stick supporting the cake pierced his eye when Baldwin slammed Lucky’s head into it. As the aggrieved, he performed his right to avenge the wrong. Lucky was amazed they stuck by him. The paramedic gave him something for the pain before they loaded him into the ambulance. Through one eye growing hazy, he saw the boys wave goodbye as ambulance doors closed. Were they friends now? Maybe his wish did come true.

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