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What am I doing? 2017Q4

I’ve been writing since the summer of 2016 now. I imagine somebody wonders what the heck I’ve been up to. Some people just arriving might even not know what kind of stuff I write. Here’s my 2017 4th Quarter report. I been a busy dude.

What I got done and released:

  • Spider Road Press published a Haiku I wrote for their Hurricane Harvey thing

  • Judge, Jury… is short piece I wrote for a contest and now it’s on the blog

  • The Woodlands Writing Guild published Rising Waters, the 2017 Anthology, and Flood Drive and Flooded is in it.

  • I setup my website, blog, social media, business cards

What’s got a first draft or better done:

Some preamble, I have written a good stack of stuff that’s not ready to submit. I learned stuff over the last year that means improving these pieces. But this will give you a taste of what the heck I’ve been doing. The little descriptions I’m giving aren’t all fancy marketing press, I’m keeping it real.


Short story based on a Stephen King challenge to write about a crazy killer ex in the house.

Wheels of Progress

A steampunk morality play set in the Republic of Texas that neverwas and a man who’s about to lose his job (a Gunman story)

Dino Pirates of Ninja Island (name pending, needs editing)

Captain Raptor and friends land on Ninja Island and learn a lesson about leadership. Also, Captain King sucks eggs.

The Old Guard

What happens when the neighborhood retirees tire of the trouble that’s moved in

Fear of the Dark

Alex hunts down a pedo and makes him pay. An Alex Rune short story set after the first novel.

The Other Haunted Forest

A karate camp ghost story for the WWG 2018 anthology

Wizard of Houston book 1 (name pending, and it’s being rewritten)

This is the book I started with. I finished it. But I need to rework the plot. This is the tale of Alex Rune, former Contractor POW, now he’s back and he’s a Wizard.

What’s still being written

This is stuff I’ve started but not finished. I will, once I work out the backlog of pieces that need fixing.

His Father’s Gun (name pending)

Abigail McCreedy receives her husband’s gun and nothing is the same. Set in the Gunmen setting, a Republic of Texas that Never Was.

Thanks to my Beta Readers!

I’ve been lucky to have friends, and some of those friends are literate, and some of those friends were willing to read my rough drafts. That helped me find the usual grammar mistakes, but also issues with storytelling and cohesiveness. It’s not easy wading through a piece that needs work, but they did it anyway. I didn’t pay them but if I ever get rich and famous, they’ll be able to say “I remember when he used to suck. I still have a copy, let me show you…”

That’s all folks

I hope some of these stories catch your fancy. When they’re ready I’ll work up fancy blurbs to pitch them. I think I’ve had a productive first year. I’m hoping to have both the Alex Rune stuff as a series and the Gunman stories as a series of some sort. Thus letting me alternate between Urban Sci-Fantasy and the Gunmen setting.

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