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The State of Black Science Fiction

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

We honor the dead on Memorial Day, but they’re here to remind us every day. We forgive on Forgiveness Day, but we should be doing that every day. Nobody should wait until the special day. The day is meant to reinforce what we should already be doing. February is Black History Month, and we know there’s thousands of years of Black History.

Part of that history is writers of color who’ve been filling the alleged void of Black Science Fiction (and Fantasy!). Some of the stories are about being Black, some are about people who happen to be Black. All of them are fantastic. Some are mainstream, but many are independently published. They’ve taken the hard road where mainstream publishers are just awakening to looking for voices like theirs.

Hear them.


I set out on the easy road and scroll through my friends’ pages and groups to make a list article. It took long enough that my back hurts. Good. Pain gives the work meaning. The list is not a completed work, but neither is history. There’s always something going on. Read and if you can, add to it.

Black Authors and Where to Find Them

Al Stewart

Alan Jones

Aleron Kong

Alex Smith (I think this is the right one, maybe)

Alex Jennings

Alexander Simmons

Alicia McCalla

Andrea Hairston

Antoine Bandele

Ashleigh Davenport

Athena Persephoni

Aurelius Raines

Baba Okiki-Ifa Oluso

Balogun Ojetade

Bob McNeil

Brandon Rouse

Brandon O'Brien

Brent Lambert

Brittni Chenelle

Bryan D. Convington

Cadwell Turnbull

Carl Hancock Rux

Carole McDonnell

C. C. Ekeke

Cecil Washington

Celestian Antrig Brightmoon

Cerece Rennie Murphy

Charles Saunders

Charlie J. Eskew

Christopher A. Hunter

Christopher Chambers

Christopher Surratt

Cole Riley

Colson Whitehead

Danian Darrell Jerry

Daniel Jose Older

Darryl Dawson

DaVaun Saunders

David Anthony Durham

Denny Upkins

Derrick A. Bell

Derrick Ferguson

Deston J. Munden

Dewaine Farria

DeWayne Copeland

Donovan Hall

Dwayne A. Madry

Dwayne McDuffie

Echo Ishi

Edward Austin Hall

Ekpeki Donald Oghenechovwe

Elwin Michael Cotman

Emmy Jackson

Enock Simbaya

Errick Nunnally

Eugen Bacon

Evan Winter

Frederick S. Blackmon

Geoffrey Thorne

Gloria Sanders Williams

Hannibal Tabu

Howard Night

Ismael Reed

Jahmil Effend

James Beamon

James L Hill

Jarla Tangh

Jason Malcom Stewart

Jelani Wilson

Jesse J. Holland

Jessie L. Sifford

John H. Sibley

John Jennings

Justin C. Key

Justina Ireland

K Ceres Wright

K. R. S. McEntire

KC King

Keith Gaston

Keith Hayden

Kyoko M

Kwame Mbalia

Letitia Carelock

Leon Clarke

Levar Burton

Mack Little

Malcom Morrow

Marc L Abbot

Marlon James

Mat Johnson

Maurice Broadus

Maurice Ruffin

Milton Davis

Minister Faust (aka Malcolm Azania)

N. K. Jemisin

Nalo Hopkinson

Namina Forna

Napoleon Wells

Nicole Givens Kurtz

Nisi Shawl

Nnedi Okorafor

Nmesoma Okechukwu

Octavia Butler

Odie Hawkins

Percival Everett

Pierre Demery

P.Djèlí Clark

Penelope Flynn

Q Allen

R Alan Brooks

Rachel Cox

Rob Cameron

Ronald T. Jones

Ruth de Jauregui

Samuel Delaney

Steve Bellinger

Steven Barnes

Steven Van Patten

Tade Thompson

Ta-Nehisi Coates

Tananarive Due

T.C. Morgan

T. L. Thompson

Thomas Davis

Thomas Webb

Tim Fielder

Timothy Lee Reed

Tobias S Buckell

Tochi Onyebuchi

Toni Adeyemi

Troy L. Wiggins

Valjeanne Jeffers

Victor Lavalle

Violette Meier

Walter Mosley

W. E. B. Du Bois

William Hayashi

Wole Talabi

Zig Zag Claybourne (Clarence Young)

Black Comic and Book Publishing Companies

During my search, I found companies making comic books and books and more.

Brown Band Entertainment


Etan Comics

Griot Enterprises

Heroes of the World

Kronket Comics

MV Media

PBS Media

RAE Comics

Sistah Scifi

Sovereign Comics

Visonary Studios

Wingless Entertainment

Write On Right On

Credit Where It's Due

I could not have built this list without the work Milton Davis put in on his site MV Media and The State of Black Science Fiction facebook group. I pretty much scrolled and found names and tested links for everybody who created there. It is a good place to learn about Black Fiction, expand the diversity of you reading, and meet some pretty cool people to talk about The Expanse and Wakanda.


A Twitter friend of mine, Gabino Iglesias tackled a list of Black Authors You Should Read last year. My list is shorter than his, and his was a pebble from the mountain.


If there’s a typo, bad link or an author I missed, let me know in the comments. The work is not complete.

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