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SP: Where's It At?

I ran across a recent article, the author bemoaned what killed Steampunk. The larger response pointed to the plethora of places Steampunk is thriving. Steampunk is a niche hobby. That can lead to a myopic view of what’s out there When viewed from such a lens, when the scene moves we must remember readjust the lens. Here’s the myriad of online places I use to keep up on steampunk or find old wisdom.

Brass Goggles

A classic discussion forum site, this is a good place to have a long form conversation about a topic. Traffic levels shrunk over the years, but it’s a trove of information from old discussions and new. There’s even a thread that helped me write this article.

Steampunk Explorer

A news site, covering events primarily, with a smattering of interest articles thrown in.

Never Was Magazine

A source of articles on steampunk topics of interest, book reviews, art, etc.

The Steampunk Tribune

It went away for awhile, but it’s back. Plenty of articles to keep a reader content.

The Steampunk Emporium

I’m not sure if it’s a store or a museum, but there’s plenty to look at and find inspiration.

Steampunk Journal

Another source of articles.

Steampunk on Instructables

This site hosts a variety DIY projects. The steampunk category hasn’t seen much traffic, lately but there’s plenty of content.


I differentiate this as a category to list sites to connect you to steampunk books. I meet fewer people who talk about steampunk fiction as written in the modern era. Which is a darn shame because there’s more to read than Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.


Stores can be places of inspiration or problem solving. Build or Buy is the standard question to solving any need.


Here’s events that keep coming back, year after year. Attendance at steampunk events seem to increase. Any rumors to the death of steampunk can be disputed by all the ambulatory attendees.

Mansfield, TX

Madison, WI

Event Listings

Defunct But Still Valuable

These sites are no longer updated, but there’s a trove of good material and ideas here.

Is That All?

No. I’ve but scratched the surface. Many of the sites listed will lead you to other sites. Plus, you can use Google, Etsy, Pinterest or Instagram to find even more content. These are places I’ve found useful information.

Now sites come and go. Add a comment if you find a dead link or know of another steampunk site we all should know about.

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