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Normal In Coronatime

We’re a month or two into Coronatime. We’ve avoided getting sick. We have toilet paper.

That’s our family status.

Life Under Lockdown

I’ve been working from home for a decade. This is normal. When I started, my wife made food everyday and three weeks later, I realized I hadn’t left the house. So I went out to lunch every day. Cost more, but I got out of the house. Now I’m back to eating in.

I spend about a third of my workday on the telephone. Talking to clients and employees about work takes time. There are some topics that are easier or faster to convey by voice, than a series of lengthy emails about how and why a solution needs to be implemented.

My core concern is keeping my clients in business. The amount of work they take in has slowed. People were furloughed. This is no time to get cocky about still having a job. I see this as a time to keep the furnace running and make some much needed changes to improve or enable new channels of business. That’s marketing-speak, but also a grain of truth. Either the lockdown will end and business will return to normal, or some variation of this isolation protocol will continue and all businesses that want to survive will need to adapt.

For home life, I still end up going out several times a week. Groceries. Trips to the hardware store for taking care of the house. Wash my hands before and after. Wear a mask. I took my wife with this weekend to help move sheetrock, and that was the first she’d been out in over a month.

What Got Done

I’m up to chapter 20 in the Alex Rune novel. Also, working on a different novella since inspiration hit. Made a leather belt for the wife’s Jedi costume. A leather mask with filter for me. And I’m making progress on a flight pack for my friend’s steampunk’d Captain Marvel. Plus a whole lot of overtime for work. I’ve also kept up with the blog with filler pieces like this and some good stuff.

What’s Next

It’s clear to me that we can expect more social distancing. They could announce the Come-On-Out Party any month and I’d still keep my butt parked at home. People are dying. Maybe it’s a lot. Maybe it’s not (pretty sure it is). Stay safe. Stay away. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Watch out for anybody saying otherwise. Who is goading them on? What are they doing while telling everybody to go protest and open up. Here’s a clue: If you can’t book a tour of your Governor’s mansion for the date they say it’s safe for you to get a haircut, then you know exactly who’s full of crap.

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John Cryar
John Cryar
27 avr. 2020

Hello Ken. I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head - the basics at least. Like you, in many ways, my life has not changed significantly since the advent of the beginning of Coronatime. One great exception is my writing. I simply have no motivation to write, at least not manually. I continue to write in my mind while spending time working to recover the large back yard here at home. Some motivation to get back to a more sensible life compels me to go forth and do physical labor from morning 'til noonish. Of course, my body screams at me about the physical activity, using muscles I forgot I had. What I find in doing thi…

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