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A Christmas Carol

I'm sitting here this Christmas morning with my dog snuggled up next to me and the water shut off so the pipes don't freeze. It's a good time to crank out a blog post. But what about?

How about the odd fact that I've never read A Christmas Carol yet written TWO stories based on the classic work. I've not even seen the Muppet version and we all know I'm a sucker for puppets.

So what is that all about? Take a character who is stuck on a path that is not good for them, and an outside force tries to wake them up and show them how their past set the way for their final destination. Time travel. I'm surprised this hasn't been a Doctor Who episode.

It also shows us, even back in 1843, they could grasp that the wrongs a person is doing now, is tied to trauma and events that made the person become who they are. Scrooge wasn't bad because he was bad. Circumstances set him on this course.

And just as important. He could change. Again. Because the past shows you can be on a good course and go off the road. The story reminds us we can get back on it. Might need to hike or crawl to get there.

That's the message of the story. Most stories have them.

Happy Holidays. Here's some stories.

Two Minutes to Midnight

Alex Rune waits vigil after the goat attack on his wife.

The Dino-Pirates Christmas Special

After surviving a novella, Captain Raptor won't come out of his cabin.

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