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I try to post these every weekend, sometimes falling to Monday. A home improvement project wore me out. A leak in the kitchen resurfaced so I tore out the pipes and hot water heater so I could run new ones. Then I squashed my finger in a door. It'll probably heal after the nail falls off. The repair is finished, but I am aching and tired.

Today I finished work late, and wanted to keep my commitment to a weekly blog. I tried writing something earlier, but I didn't like it. I try not to preach my views here, maybe that's a strange thing for a writer. I feel like everybody's getting too much of that anyway, and if they don't see things my way, they'll quit listening.

If you want a man to stop beating his dead horse, don't yell at him to stop beating his dead horse.

That ain't much but Sun Tzu might agree with it. Stay safe out there.

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