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A New Low

I’ve worked hard. Tried to follow the plan. Stumbled a few times. At some point, there’s a reckoning. It all adds up. I’ve been weighed in the balance and found lacking. How’d that happen?

The Starting Point

Growing up, I’d always been scrawny. High metabolism, Not a lot of food. Eventually, a steady diet in college got me to normal weight. Then twenty plus years of yummy food caught up with me. Clothes didn’t fit. Since we’re into cosplay, that means costumes. It’s cheaper to lose weight than buy new clothes. Not necessarily easier.

The Plan

I drank a lot of Dr. Pepper. Especially when eating out. Cutting soda and sugary drinks cut ten pounds in a few months. The next step required changing what I ate. If you look at the calorie counts on menu items, you can see how high they are. Many people focus on exercise, but you can reduce more calories with a menu choice than an hour’s worth of working out. A big factor in restaurants is portion size. Because they are so large, if I eat half and take the rest home, I make a huge savings in my calorie budget. As the months went by, I tightened up what I ate. A few holidays and special events mixed in to break the rules, but if those were exceptions, getting back on track didn’t take long.

The Result

The scale read 203.5 this morning. That’s twenty pounds less since I began on it last August. My goal is to get back into the 190’s. With continuing healthy eating choices, I should get there. To keep it there, I must stick with the plan. By the time I get there, I shouldn’t mind it.

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