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National Poetry Month 2019

Unbeknownst to many people, dozens (Editor: thousands, KL can’t count) of poem making people (Editor: We call them Poets.) took up the mantle of honoring the official National Poetry Month (Editor: also called April) by writing a poem every day in something they call National Poem Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). Poem and Prose Person Holly Lynn Walrath convinced me on Twitter to accept join the challenge. I did, by writing a haiku for each day, because I am lazy. Herein is the collection of my works mighty and mundane. (Editor: also, KL isn’t feeling well tonight after a busy weekend, so he is lazily copy and pasting in order to meet his blog commitment).


April 1st, 2019

Pollen in the air

Nature strikes the invaders

Should have stayed inside

April 2nd, 2019

Poured onto the streets

Sang "They got the mustard out!"

Ad hoc dance number

April 3rd, 2019

Its just out of reach

No tiny hand grasping mine

silent and unseen

April 4th, 2019

My lonely waffle

No one to hear my story

iHop weeps tonight

April 5th, 2019

Bloodfall Queen conquers

There will be blood, she will fall

This Ravn Kuhl swears

April 6th, 2019

Prepping for Bunco

Cleaning and cooking all day

Roll the dice tonight

April 7th, 2019

Hand raises the blade

She's chopping, she's chopping, she's...

Chopping broccoli

April 8th, 2019

How I hate Mondays

Waking up to early calls

Garfield's not funny

April 9th, 2019

I met the pillow

Time passed interminably

Sleep eluded me

April 10th, 2019

Sugar paid with blood

Their lands taken for growing

Our taste for sweetness

April 11th, 2019

Silence in morning

Except the tick of the clock

The cadence of time

April 12th, 2019

Perspective can change

See the light, shadow and wall

Flatness of the mind

April 13th, 2019

Triggers adding up

Faster to let it happen


April 14th, 2019

Open up my head

I am down with the sickness

Flowing out of me

April 15th, 2019

Tax Day has arrived

I can't find all of my forms

Dread deadline looms nigh

April 16th, 2019

Is anyone hurt

Notre Dame was burning down

A sign of the times

April 17th, 2019

This haiku, achoo

Reminds me. achoo, I'm sick

Achoo, of sneezing

April 18th, 2019

Ring, Ding. Meet, Meet, Ring

All talk and no work today

Progress is halted

April 19th, 2019

Beardless Momoa

Great worms sleep beneath the sand

And the spice must flow

April 20th, 2019

How many lie dead

Lives snuffed with a sizzle pop

Electric swatter

April 21st, 2019

When no one responds

Lips move, but they pass on by

I have lost my voice

April 22nd, 2019

Ceding the battle

Victors march in their parade

The old wound remains

April 23rd, 2019

Waiting by the phone

Lyrics of a song flash by

Late for a meeting

April 24th, 2019

Daggers in my eye

Ah, it burnses us, precious

We fear the bright face

April 25th, 2019

The others aren't right

Stand up for what you believe

But what if you're wrong?

April 26th, 2019

The secret is out

Throngs of people have seen it

Hide from spoilers

April 27th, 2019

Tickets are sold out

So we wait for the end game

Patiently unspoiled

April 28th, 2019

Lawn mowing time

30 minutes of thinking

Some of my best work

April 28th, 2019

Heartbeat went racing

Dizziiness, chills and tingles

That's not a good sign

April 30th, 2019

A sign of weakness

Tearing their prey into sheds

The glee of outrage


I hope you gained some sense of time travel or discovery through your reading of these. If you’d like to take a guess what some of them were about, post in the comments. If you’d like to know what I was thinking, ask and I’ll be happy to make something up.

(Editor: There’s a few more days left in April at the time of original publication. If KL doesn’t die or flub it, the additional poems will be added.

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