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The Sickness

I have succumbed to the onslaught of bacteria and virus. Last night, I lost my voice and today, the coughing starts. The only thing that can be done now is is to instill the right amount of sympathy for my ailment. Together, we shall gauge my ailment.

Continual Bombardment

My wife has had the sore throat and cough for weeks now. I think I held off death and infection pretty well, but clearly, my days were numbered. She has the mutant power of taking longer to recover, which means more time to cough in my general direction. I hoped that she would be healthy by the time the sniffles strike me down, but I suspect we’ll be sick together.

How Bad Is It?

At the moment, I suffer from a minor sore throat, and an infrequent cough. I can still make my own hot cocoa. The missus needed Mac-n-Cheese in the early days of the Sickness, a strong indicator of severity. Both of us retain the ability to lift the television remote, a good sign. I probably won’t get a sick day out of it, a curse of working from home is you can work while up-chucking (true story).

The Road To Recovery

I’m told that taking lots of vitamin-C has been debunked. So much for guzzling Hi-C or Hawaiian Punch for a week. Not talking sounds like a good plan (pun intended), but everytime I lose my voice, everybody wants to book a conference call with me. My best bet is practicing monosyllabic responses and hiding from people so they don’t infect me with something else in my vulnerable state. Meanwhile, the wife has been doctored and medicated, so we’ll see how that works out.

Light a Candle For Me

These are dark days. We approach the winter solstice, so the days really are darker. Dig into your collection of candles. Not the fat one from Candle Warehouse. Or the Mason jar one. Dig into the junk drawer, and find one of the birthday cake candles you planned to reuse. That’s the right size I figure.

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