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A Change You Need

I'm in my PJs after a long cold night at Steampunk November. I've got to pack and get back out there for Sunday's festivities. But I don't like missing a blog week and I figure you could use the message.

Aurellio Voltaire was telling me this story last night. Well, me and a hundred other people freezing and listening to his music. But it was a good story. He introduced his song Hate Lives in a Small Town. Told us how every day when he was young, somebody told him he should kill himself. Because he was different. And if you heard the same pop song you hate every day, one day it'll sink in and you'll catch yourself humming that tune.

So, this one day, he's feeling that tune finally hooked in his head, and walks into a diner for a round of abuse and "what are you doing here faggot.?" When he looks up, and sees these people dressed as he'd never seen before. Men dressed as women, and weirder yet. They says to him, "why don't you sit with us." And he did, and it changed his world. Also, he learned about Rocky Horror Picture Show.

When he finally set his boots on Manhattan soil, called concrete, he knew he'd found the change he needed. He became welcomed and people thought his style was cool. He didn't change a thing about himself, but where he was. Because in those small towns, everybody's pressured to be the same, and if you aren't they aren't nice about it. The problem isn't you, it's them. Come to a place where different people are and you will see and learn things and it won't matter who's different., because everybody there has learned that lesson.

I'm going to leave you with that, I need to get breakfast yet. Here's Aurellio and his song, may it bring you a smile. Remember, the only change you need is perspective.

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