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Re: Technomages

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Found on a defunct Babylon 5 discussion forum

Subject Re: Technomages

Posted: 8/3/2004 7:59AM by Trigoth

"We are dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers. We study the mysteries of laser and circuit, crystal and scanner, holographic demons and invocations of equations. These are the tools we employ, and we know many things."

– Elric, Babylon 5, Season 2, Geometry of Shadows

Why the heck don’t we have technomages? I found this site where people are trying to do it.


Subject Re: Technomages

Posted: 8/3/2004 8:03AM by Haridas

Looks like they’ve got some ideas, but the tech just isn’t there yet. Maybe in another 10-15 years where screens and CPUs are smaller.


Subject Re: Technomages

Posted: 8/3/2004 9:17AM by AgentKemmer [banned]

This show’s been off the air for five years and you’re still hopped up on a character from one episode?

It’s just peddling a used up trop from Arthur C. Clarke’s

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”


Subject Re: Technomages

Posted: 8/3/2004 12:01PM by Rune

Hello old friends,

I’ve had time to give the matter some thought. A technomage should be able to demonstrate wizardly ability. A test of sorts, and thus a goal.

  1. Know something which is unknowable

  2. Summon that which you do not have

  3. Vanish that which is undesired

  4. Escape from containment

  5. Appear when or where least expected

  6. Strike fear into your opponent

  7. Bring force to bear against a foe

  8. Influence another to change their path

  9. Glimpse the future


Subject Re: Technomages

Posted: 8/3/2004 4:37PM by AgentKemmer [banned]

I suppose you can do all this?


Subject Re: Technomages

Posted: 8/3/2004 4:37PM by Haridas

Rune! Where’ve you been? Haven’t seen you on these boards in a long time.


Subject Re: Technomages

Posted: 8/3/2004 4:37PM by Yasunori


I heard Rune had died.


Subject Re: Technomages

Posted: 8/3/2004 4:37PM by Rune

  1. Agent Kemmer’s initials are CB, born in Michigan, a Capricorn, and his social security number starts with 385

  2. See video [link no longer operative]

  3. Notice Kemmer’s new status?

  4. I went to Z’Ha’dum

  5. Again, I am here. Yasunori is right.

  6. Gonna need some help with this one

  7. This one, too

  8. See my closing point

  9. Mobile phones with internet is going to get big, not just Microsoft WinCE, Somebody like Google is going to open it up, and that is an opportunity.

I will be at Bab-Con 11. If you think you can solve some of the test, find me there. You will know me when you see me.


Subject Re: Technomages

Posted: 8/15/2014 10:18PM by Moderatus

Whatever happened to these guys? Did they meet?

I think there’s a certain magic to the way Carl Sagan talks about science and the universe. That it’s there for anybody willing to put in the work. I feel that way when I’m studying quantum physics and start to pierce the veil of human understanding of our universe.

Maybe these guys really did it, and are hiding among us. I can’t believe that Rune was right about Google and Android.

Found some other links, so glad B5 ain’t dead. Glad I found my uncle’s DVD set.


Find other articles about Alex Rune and Technomages here:

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