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Going Solo

We saw Solo this weekend. It was good.

See you next week.

My wife says that’s not enough for a blog article.

OK. I’m back. Let me sum up my thoughts, in no particular order.

Donald Glover IS Lando Calrissian.

Billie Dee Williams is done. Superb performance.

Three Ruuuuuuuuuuars for Chewbacca, which now that I think on it, sounds like a new chewable tobacco product.

L3 broke my heart. But I found a spare one in the ship’s hold, so I’m alright.

Woody Harrelson had a heart of laser burn hole.

Little Opie Cunningham did a fine job fixing this movie.

That guy who played Han got to be Han freaking Solo. Who didn’t want to be Han when they were a kid?

Darth Maul actually got some lines of dialogue this time. I saw the new first three films once. All I remember is Maul being half the man he used to be.

Go See Solo. With a Friend! I give it two severed appendages up!

That’s a light saber joke.

I don’t know why this movie’s not doing as well, but it’s a sure sight better than watching Wah-nikin SkyWalker turn whiney evil. But now I know where Luke gets it from “But uncle Owen, I don’t want to forward the plot, I want to into town to see my friends who got cut from the original footage.”

Again, who would want to be Luke?

Also, Han shot first.

I think that wraps up my thoughts on Solo, the new Star Wars movie, leaving theaters next week. I'll end my rambling, but coherent stream of thought on the movie with just one final message from the film from some friends of L3.

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