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AP0: Building an Author Platform

A year of research and building, and I’ve got the hang of Author Platforming. If you’re a writer, you need one. If you’re a small business owner, you need some of the same concepts. I’m re-organizing the Author Platform topic as a series, in smaller digestible articles.

The Agenda

I’ve built an outline, and will expand it as needed. The core pieces are coming along and will appear in the cycle of my blog’s topics. Here’s the rundown:

  • What Is Author Platform

  • Choosing an Author Name

  • Buying a Domain Name

  • Getting Email

  • Crafting an Author Bio

  • Art of Author Images

  • Setting up Social Media

  • Handling Social Presence

  • Marketing on Twitter

  • Automating Work

  • Business Cards

  • Networking

Stay Tuned

For a blog post, this is one of the shortest ones I’ve written. Trust me, I wrote this after writing the first batch of articles. This is really a table of contents. The real meal is coming. If you see a topic related to author platform is missing, tell me in the comments. I’ll research the heck out of it if I don’t know it and we’ll all learn together.

For more articles in my Author Platform series, click here:

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