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Q2 2018 Status

Remember those sitcoms that every season had an episode that ended up being a clip show? Time is tight, and I’m not happy with the article I was prepping for this week, so it’s time for a clip show. I’ll try to be funny, and maybe educational.

The Day Job

Work has been intense for the last few months. I’m doing my normal duty plus putting in extra time on nights and weekends to help another project cross the finish line. Part of the job in a higher position in a small company is pitching in more. Gives me a different perspective on what it takes to make a company work in the tough times.

The Writing

I’ve been at this blogging for almost a year, and other than being a day late, have to my credit, a post for every week. Considering how busy I’ve been, that’s good. I’ve not gotten the traction I wanted on some of my projects though.

Costumed Capers

Comicpalooza fast approaches. I’m looking to rebuild my shield bracelet for my Harry Dresden costume. My steampunk persona is well endowed. I finished modding the perfect belt holder for my Star Trek Communicator out of an old Otter brand Blackberry case. I expect to attend a lot of writing panels like last year and see great costumes.

The Slow Cooking Adventures of Alex Rune

I’ve got the main outline done for the first novel. I need to finish fleshing out the scene template so I can keep the timeline straight. Alex Rune, the world’s first technomage tackles his first foe, a Troll. As soon as I can get time to write it.


This is something I found a few hours to work on. My local guild’s anthology theme for next year is “angels”. I wanted science fiction. So I came up with Norse biker cultists in the time after Ragnarok. I’m about ⅔ done writing the first draft, and it’s a dark story about the future and nature of myth as a teenage girl attempts to earn her patch and become a Valkyrie.

The Fan-Fiction Project

People who know me, know I’m not a fan of fan-fiction. It’s good writing practice, but the concern of infringing on somebody else’s intellectual property hangs overhead. You can’t sell it. It’s work that is trapped. That bugs me. But. Something has fallen into place, and I’ve got an idea for a series I can use on my blog. I’m still setting it up before I can start work.

Tales of the Gunman

I haven’t forgotten about my friends, the defenders of honest folk in the Republic of Texas That Never Was. I’m in mid rewrite of the beginning of the first story to make it more flavorful. I’ll get back to it. It was good enough to earn me my first rejection with editor feedback. I learned a lot since I wrote it, I want to get it as good as I can get it now.

The Foot Note

My wife needed foot surgery last summer and she finished physical therapy by December. Now, she’s walking ten thousands steps every day and working to lose the weight she put from having to be inactive. Making excellent progress.

The Bird

Starbuck our bronze wing pionus is doing better. Still needs squirts of medicine more times a day than I like. We also learned through DNA testing that she is a he. That’s been fun trying to get the pronoun right for somebody you’ve been calling a good girl for nearly a decade. I don’t think he cares.

The Dino Pirates

A friend of mine has been marking up the fifteen thousand words that comprise episode one of the silliest story I’ve written. Editing is my weak spot. I can slap together a thousand words (like this blog post) with ease. Fix a couple typos and call it done. But in the world of professional writing, there’s more work to be done. It will be worth it. You will laugh and you will cry while you turn pages to see if I made a dino die.

That’s All Folks

To sum up, I’ve been busy. Getting stuff done. Planning future stuff.

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