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Writer FAQ v1.1

This FAQ is aimed at new writers and thus I’ve captured the kinds of questions I see most often plus a few I think should have been asked. If you have a question not asked or a site that answers a question, add it to the comments. The goal here is to answer with links to reputable articles. An aspiring writer would do well to study everything here.

NOTE: This is an evergreen article, I plan to update and make additions as time permits.


  1. What should I name a character?

  1. How do I get over writer’s block?

  1. What should I write about?

  1. What should my title be?


  1. Is Story Structure Formulaic?

  1. What is Deep POV?

  1. What are common writing mistakes?

  1. What is an Unreliable Narrator?

  1. What is form?

  1. What is structure?

  1. What is prose?

  1. What is Scene and Sequel?

  1. Are adverbs bad?

  1. What is passive voice?

  1. How should I write dialog?

  1. Where can I find free or low-cost writing classes?

  1. How do I write a novel?

  1. Should I use an outline?

  1. How can I organize my notes?

  1. What does Show, don't Tell mean?


  1. How can I edit my work without any money?

  1. How do I get a Beta Reader?

  1. How do I use a Beta reader?

  1. What are the stages of editing?

  1. How much does an editor cost?

Publishing (Submitting/Querying, Agents and Editors)

  1. How much does a book cover cost?

  1. How do I write a query letter?

  1. Where can I submit a short story?

  1. Should I get an Agent?

  1. How much should I pay to Publish my book?

  1. How do I self-publish my book?

  1. How do I get my book published?

  1. Why is my work getting rejected?


  1. How should I respond to a negative review?

  1. Should I use a Pen Name?

  1. How do I get more sales?

  1. How do I promote my book?

  1. How do I get more followers?

  1. What is Author Platform?

  1. How do I get my book into a library?

  1. How to I get an author signing event?

  1. How do I get on a speaker panel at a conference/convention?

  1. How can I get reviews of my work?

  1. How can I get feedback on my writing?


  1. How can I become a full time writer?

  1. How do I copyright my work (US)?

  1. Should I post my work online?


  1. What should I worry about as a writer?

  1. What can you do to persuade me not to write

  1. ​Should I call myself an aspiring writer

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