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Why did the chicken cross the road

I’m a bit pressed for time this week, due to my day job. I shall give you a sad story I wrote for a 100 word challenge. In searching for some alliterative names, I came up with Chico.

In my senior year of high school, they planted three trees for students who had died at differing times during our twelve year schooling. I remember Jeff, a junior asking, “What about Chico.” I didn’t know Chico well, I don’t think that was his real name, but he was killed by a vehicle while riding his bike one summer, and he was left out of the memorial. I didn't forget about Chico.


Once upon a time, there was a chicken named Chuck. He lived on a farm next to the highway. Chuck wasn’t like the other chickens, though. He watched the trucks and cars go by on the highway, and wondered if there was more.

His friend Chico tried to get him to snap out of it, he’d say, “Chuck, man, you gotta snap out of it.” Chico wasn’t very original, but he enjoyed his life. One day, Chico woke up and learned Chuck had crossed the road. He asked why, but all they said was “To get to the other side.”

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