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Sample Pie Night

Turns out that funny lump on the end of my elbow was bursitis. And it has now burst, leaving me with a horrific bruise. The doctor says I over-used my elbow but it won’t kill me. Leaving me with a sore arm for the last two weeks. Thus, I must give you a shorter article this week. I know it is disappointing to be left with a filler article, but I assure you, the filling is deep and meaningful.

What is Sample Pie Night

My friend Ted has an annual family tradition. Each year, on the wednesday night before Thanksgiving, friends and family are invited over. Everybody makes and brings a pie. Ted made nineteen this year. He likes pie. Among the pies we found Shepherd’s Pie, a hearty play on the concept.

Why Sample Pie

Just about everybody has to go to their family’s house for Thanksgiving. Some have to go to several as there are in-laws and exes and complications. This means that everybody you WANT to see on Thanksgiving can’t be seen, they’ve got their own family obligations. Along comes the clever innovation known as Sample Pie. It is either a clever excuse to eat pie, or an ingenious way to incorporate those extended families of friends.

Making an Annual Tradition

I told Ted that I was campaigning to make this idea spread. If International Talk Like a Pirate Day can happen, so can this. Now I know at least three people read my blog, surely that’s enough to plant the seed. Jokes aside, this is a great tradition. Ted’s a great friend of mine, and this year, we’ve both been so busy that I’ve hardly seen him. I’ve got a standing invite to partake of Thanksgiving with his family, but this year I had to share the love with some other friends. So Sample Pie Night was a great way for me to see my good friend. And eat pie. He’s quite good at pie.

For Those Who Are Alone This Holiday Season.

My wife and I don’t have any family in Texas, and it’s a bit challenging getting out to where they live. So I get being alone for the holidays. It’s not quite as festive when there’s not a gathering of people. One of my old colleagues from Compaq was posting about this the other day about helping those who are truly alone. I don’t have all the answers in life, but we’ve shared our table with coworkers who we knew were alone, just as my buddy Ted does for us.

I know Thanksgiving is done, hopefully a few readers take up the banner for Sample Pie Night next year (and don’t forget Soup Night). But there’s another big holiday coming up. If you’re hosting a gathering this year, please, invite everybody you know, especially the one who might not have any plans.

If you’re the person who’s contemplating a serious solo Christmas, I implore you to accept that offer to join in. It’s more fun than you think, and there’s food.

Happy Belated Sample Pie Night and Thanksgiving!

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