• KL Forslund

Something's Wrong with Starbuck

Today while I worked all weekend on software, my wife got a ride to Texas Gulf Coast Animal Hospital. Starbuck’s been acting odd, making baby noises and not her usual copying of other bird sounds. The vet x-rayed, saw something’s swelled up and affecting her breathing. So she’s staying overnight until the other expert vet gets in tomorrow to check the problem out.

Starbuck is a Bronze Wing Pionus that my wife bought when she didn’t have any feathers. Visited her every day until was old enough to leave the bird store About Birds in Magnolia, Texas. She only had half her feathers then but could fly across the shop to her mommy. She learned to copy the other birds’ calls and say “I love you” when she wanted my wife to snuggle her.

My wife is pretty worried about her, the bird bond is to one person, so I’m mostly just the guy who feeds her. Still, she’s a funny bird and we need her back to getting the dog in trouble.

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