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Good News, and some Haiku

This week, I became a published writer. In two places. Yay. And both are Hurricane Harvey related. I received the extra news this morning, which kind of jacked up my plan for writing this week’s blog. Bear with me. I have links I want you to follow, and some haiku-craziness in the rest of this article, because as much as I like talking about me, I like giving you some fun stuff to read.

Spider Road Press is a Houston organization that fellow WWG member is a part of. They asked for Haiku from local writers about their experience during Harvey for their blog. There’s a lot of excellent contributions and noteworthy local authors. They accepted my Haiku about watching it all.

Check them out at:

Last year, I started my journey to become a published author just in time to submit to the Woodland’s Writing Guild’s 2017 Anthology. The theme of Flood was chosen due to the Memorial Day and Tax Day floods that hit our area hard. Compound that experience with Hurricane Harvey, which arrived right when the book was due to be released. The stories and poems reflect a variety of topics around Flood. For me, my humorous short story and rappish poem are my debut pieces.

Today, I left the WWG meeting, where we voted and unanimously agreed to donate proceeds from the sale of the book to the Montgomery County Food Bank for the next three months. Many people lost everything in this area, and help with food is just as important as clothing and shelter. It means a lot if you would buy a copy of the book. The stakes are much higher than seeing what I wrote.

Buy it here from Amazon:

Still here? Great, let’s get onto the Haiku hijinks. In case you forgot, Haiku is a Japanese style of poem writing. Three lines, 5 syllables, then 7, then 5 again. Traditionally about nature, or at least invoking it while still being about something else. When Jody pointed me at the Harvey Haiku opportunity, I went nuts and wrote a few extras. Some from the perspective of friends, some about whatever struck my fancy (HumpDay included). The last one, is a traditional style Haiku with art, written with a real Japanese brush pen I did a few years ago.

Yeah, I dig Haiku.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Oh look! Another!


We all love haiku

It is so easy to do

Count your syllables


curses, foiled again

traditional formatting

is my enemy


There's no hot water

side effects often include

aromatic pain


Offering held high

Mother and child anointed

Flood water rising


My late night surprise

Below float my belongings

From my attic perch


Haikuing at work

A taboo activity

My guilty pleasure


Don't smoke a Camel

Lung cancer isn't much fun

Phillip Morris sucks


Hark! The end is nigh!

The Aesir own your week now

This is Odin's day.


Do the humpty hump

Get off that wall, take the plunge

Week's not over yet


Beautiful Singles!

Really want to chat with you

Spam for your hump day


Corporate weasel

Halfway through the weekly slog

Waiting for Friday


Haiku obsession

Leads to Wednesday depression

Look, I made it rhyme


Who is this Jolene

With auburn hair and green eyes

Why she done you wrong?


Tonight is Write Night

Two Writers and no words barred

In the WWG


By Odin's one eye

This sandwich shall be eaten

My humpday lunch oath


Taco Tuesday's Gone

Somebody should write a song

Don't eat outside. Wind.


Its always HumpDay

Said the dog, to the man's leg

Good to be a dog


Waffles on Wednesday

papercuts and revisions

Must be critique night


General Mahone

Rebel become black man's friend

Where is his statue?


Stuck in haiku mode

Must be very annoying

For other people


Visit New Zealand

No Weta, skip the Shire?

What is wrong with you?


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