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Finished setting up my Author Platform

Another weekend, another chance to work on the Author Platform.

At this point, GoDady handles my domain name and email redirection so that gets to me gmail account. Wix is handling my website for a mere $5/month, pre-paid for the year. I'll upgrade it when I can justify paying more. It puts those tiny ad things on that this site was made by Wix.

What Wix is really solving for me is I get a free blog and the comments are wired up to go to Facebook. When I publish this post, it can post on Facebook and Twitter for me.

I looked into Tumblr for blogging, but the Widget to hook it in here wouldn't do comments or link back to Tumblr. I want a single place to write a blog post and not have to manage multiple systems too much. This should do the trick, and from what I can tell is what many other authors are doing. I just can't be everywhere and work on my actual writing projects.

I'll still be fine tuning the details. These beginning posts are tests of the machinery as much as they are for an audience who isn't here yet.

Now for the obligatory tag-fest to see how SEO handles it:

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