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If you haven’t watched the series finale of Star Trek: Discovery, go watch that. I’ll wait. If you’re worried I’m going to complain about your favorite parts of the show, nope, I’m not one of those guys. We’re gonna talk about Zora. That’s it.

Alrighty, that should be enough header text to ward off spoiling the ending.

I’ve only got two complaints about Discovery, one being the story telling is very jumpy. So much so the actual ship has a jump drive. Which ironically, I’m fine with. It’s the speed running to locations and short attention span, fast pacing. So much so, that despite having the Spore Drive, enemies with warp drives still seem to be mere hours behind, no matter where they go. Further exaggerated by the personal transporters and nobody walking anywhere anymore. Other than that, the show is great. All of it.

Except what they did to Zora.

As a general rule, intelligent species are social animals. Pet birds for instance, don’t do well in a back room by themselves. Solitary confinement is known to have damaging effects on humans.

So why on earth (or space), is it alright to send Zora (via Discovery) to sit around in deep space for a thousand years in order to link up to a Short Trek episode?  She was pretty lonely in that episode.

Ever see that meme or story about the dog that waited for his master to come home, but their owner had died.


That’s what they did to Zora. And she’s smarter, and longer lived than a dog.

Calypso was a great episode, and a mystery as to how Zora  found herself alone. The writer’s urge to tie up that loose end led to what I think was a horrific solution. Someone who cared about her sent her away. I’d rather she’d gone on a jump too far and vanished with all hands lost, than this.

Other than that, great show. All the actors did a fantastic job. We will miss seeing their continuing adventures.

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