Hi.  You know how these web sites work. Click around and see what tickles your fancy. While I'm working on my novel, you can keep up with my shorter fiction or interests. Follow me on social media for updates.

Dino-Pirates of the Wreckless Abandon

Join the crew on their adventure as they visit Ninja Island. New chapters released every month. Captain Raptor is on a hunt to rescue a missing crew mate and show-up his rival Captain King.  But can he he succeed when the Ninja Robots become embroiled with his ship? Click the title and find out!

New Release! - Forest of Angels (Anthology)

An Angelfall has been sighted, and Pierce is at the age where she needs to decide what path to take among the Reclaimers in this Post-Ragnarok biker cultist coming of age story.

The Steampunk Gentleman

Being raised by wolves in Minnesota contributed to a shortcoming in my formal etiquette. That inspired me to research all manner of things for my steampunk fiction.  Catch up on what I've learned by clicking the title.

Axis of Diversity

One of the most impactful things Gene Roddenberry did for society was putting Nichelle Nichols on the bridge of the Enterprise. Countless...

Frigid In Texas

Others had it worse, but the Freeze of 2021 wasn’t fun for us, either. I feel like it’s a touchy subject because I got lucky and I had re...

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